Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals
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    (link to journal)
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  Other Publications
  • Teutschbein, C. 2013. Hydrological Modeling for Climate Change Impact Assessment: Transferring Large-Scale Information from Global Climate Models to the Catchment Scale. PhD Thesis, pp 142. Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. ISSN: 1653-7211, ISBN: 978-91-7447-622-4. (pdf)
  • Lundin, L., Aastrup, M., Bringmark, L., Grandin, U., Hultberg, H., Pihl-Karlsson, G., Lewi-Pihlblad, L., Löfgren, S., Teutschbein, C. and Thunholm, B. 2008. Report on national ICP IM activities in Sweden 2007 – 2008. In Kleemola, S. and Forsius, M. (eds.) 17th Annual Report 2008. International Cooperative Programme on Integrated Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Ecosystems. CLRTAP. The Finnish Environments 28/2008. Helsinki. pp 109-115. (pdf)
  • Pittock, J., Teutschbein, C., Törnqvist, R. 2008. Stockholm World Water Week 2008 – Climate and water rapporteurs report (long). (pdf)
  • Pittock, J., Teutschbein, C., Törnqvist, R. Theme Report – Water and Climate. In 2008 Synthesis Report. Progress and Prospects on Water: For a Clean and Healthy World – with Special Focus on Sanitation. Stockholm International Water Institute. pp 16-19. (pdf)
  Oral Presentations
  • 2014-Oct 1st at Krycklan Symposium, Umeå/Sweden: C. Teutschbein. Climate Change Impact: Hydrological Responses in an Uncertain Future. [invited talk]
  Poster Presentations
  • 2014-Dec 15th-19th at American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2014, San Francisco/USA: S. Oni, T. Tiwari, M. Futter, Ågren A., C. Teutschbein, J.L. Ledesma, J. Schelker and H. Laudon. New Insights into Fluvial Carbon Responses to Future Forest Management and Climate Change Obtained from Multi-Scale Modelling of Biogeochemical Processes. (link)
  • 2011-Dec 5th-9th at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2014, San Francisco/USA: C. Teutschbein and J. Seibert. RCM Simulations for Hydrological Climate-Change Impact Studies: An Evaluation of Essential Bias-Correction Procedures at the Catchment Scale. (pdf)
  • 2010-Aug 2nd-13th at 5th ESA Earth Observation Summer School (Earth System Monitoring and Modeling), Frascati/Italy: C. Teutschbein. Validation of Regional Climate Models for Hydrological Impact Studies at the Catchment-Scale. (pdf)
  • 2010-Apr 25th-30th at HyMeDas spring school (Merging models with data), Bad Schandau/Germany: C. Teutschbein. Hydrological Modeling for Climate Change Impact Assessment. (pdf)
  • 2009-Aug 30th – September 4th at NCCR Climate Summer School, Grindelwald/Switzerland: C. Teutschbein and J. Seibert. Local validation of Regional Climate Model (RCM) simulations using a conceptual runoff model. (pdf)
  • 2009-Mar 2nd-3rd at Hydrology Days, Göteborg/Sweden: C. Teutschbein, J. Seibert, F. Wetterhall. Effect of Different Precipitation Downscaling Methods on Runoff Simulation. (pdf)